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Delivering cybersecurity services while maximizing the customer experience.

Built for Better Customer Experience

We Saw the Problems
It is no secret that IT and security teams are continually disappointed with their managed service providers and vendors, resulting in a revolving door of new faces and tools. Further, this disregard for precious resources (budget, people, and time) prevents businesses and security teams from operating at their full potential. In addition, it is disheartening to hear of recurring assessments that discover the same findings and vulnerabilities year after year.
We Are the Solution

Nitra was founded on the premise that:

  • We will never take our clients for granted and always put their needs first.
  • We will always do right by the client.
  • When we uncover risks and vulnerabilities, we will be there to support the client with remediation.
  • We establish relationships for the long term, so we can ensure clients’ successful journey to security maturity.
Our culture

At Nitra, we have a passion for continuous learning, innovative security, and working hard.

These components are integral for delivering quality work on time. We are motivated by solving challenges and witnessing improvements in clients’ security posture.

For us, being a great partner means knowing more than just cybersecurity; thus, we stress the importance of understanding:

  • The underlying technologies we secure
  • Product management and SDLC methodologies
  • Business domains and their corresponding compliance obligations
  • Communication and client relationship management

Staff Certifications

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