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Find your security gaps before the hackers do. Nitra can assess environments, implement industry frameworks and standards, establish vendor controls, and assess breach impact.

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Vendor Risk Management & Customer Assurance

As evidenced by the volume of data breaches resulting from companies’ “trusted” third parties, oversight of business partners, suppliers, and technology vendors is mandatory, no matter your company size. In parallel, customers and partners increasingly demand security assurances from those to who they entrust their data and business-enabling operations. Nitra regularly helps clients in both scenarios by

  • Developing or revamping vendor risk management (VRM) programs, also known as Third Party Risk Management (TPRM), that are appropriate for an organization’s size
  • Managing inbound vendor security questionnaires
  • Easing the burden of ongoing security inquiries from customers and partners by arranging security assurance resources

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1 Hour & 42 Minutes - The median time for an attacker to begin moving laterally within your corporate network once a device is compromised.

- Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022